Excavations 2007
Below is an artist’s ( Jerzy Serafin) representation of Jürgen Koch’s  proposal for the construction of an archaeological park on the site of Schmeessen Village.
As the excavations progressed through the 2007 season, it became obvious that as we moved outside of the stone church itself remains of earlier structures indicated prior occupation and usage of the site.  Some of these constructions were found to extend below the  church itself with very large postholes uncovered under the floor .
While extending the excavation area to the east, west and south in search of the boundaries of the churchyard precinct associated with the stone church, numerous clear indications of earlier habitation were brought to light.  To the west two large postholes (as yet undated) were revealed while to both the east and the south the outlines of what appear to be the two, and possibly more, pithouses (dateable by the ceramics as belonging to Carolingian times) with connected  postholes for supports for roofing superstructure were delineated.
In addition, to the west immediately in front of the church, two parallel trenches found  cut into the bedrock may well be foundation cuts for the sub-structure of a Bronze Age burial mound believed to have been on the site prior to the later building activities. Interestingly, most of the stones utilised in the construction of the church are largely unworked, yet the largest stone found, probably from the doorway, has been extensively worked.  The size and workmanship exhibited on this large stone closely resembles that of other stones pulled by fallen trees up from an unexcavated burial mound to the west.