The Local Historical Society
Kultur-naturhistorischer Dreiländerbund Weserbergland e.V., 
Contact: Jürgen Koch 
Jakobstr 13, D-37697 Lauenförde
Telephone     (0 52 73) 71 47
Fax                  (0 52 73) 74 47

Special thanks must go to Ronald and Hildegard Hagen for their provision of delicious food and hospitality to the students and staff of the excavations at Schmeessen.  The friendly atmosphere of the Forellenhof was a most welcome and relaxing venue for us all. 
37697 Lauenförde-Brüggefeld. 
TEL (0 52 73) 71 22
FAX. (0 52 73) 8 82 24
The Sponsors 

The Village of Lauenförde

The local village of Lauenförde and its historical society planned accommodation and food for all participants in the project at Schmeessen as well as for the related excavations at the medieval town of Nineover, the romanesque church at Winnefeld and the forest glasshouse complex at Lakenteich.  To these dedicated people, our heartfelt thanks for their wonderful and generous support.